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Oliver Reed meets, falls in love and marries Irena Dubrovna in a few weeks. She was reluctant at the beginning (because she feels deep inside something is wrong with her) but finally Oliver convince her telling that everything is going to be okay.

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Everything is not going okay. Time pass and Irena doesn’t let Oliver to touch her. She thinks that if she gets excited she will become a panther and kills her husband.

Put yourself into Oliver’s body. He’s a handsome young man just married with a handsome young woman. He sees her every days, every morning, every night, sharing his bed, but he can’t touch her. In the very moment she gets excited by physical contact she stops it. Think about how excited they may be. This is very hard for the couple so Irena starts to see a psychologist.

In the meantime, patient Oliver gets closer with his fellow woman at work, Alice Moore. In fact Alice and Oliver had a close relationship full of confidence before Irena’s came up. So they return to that point. Alice knows Oliver is having some troubles at home so she asks him about them. Oliver tells Alice that for the first time in his life he’s not happy. This is the scene. (I strongly recommend seeing the film.)

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A few details: Her glance to Oliver. Water between them (=sex). Cigarettes and smoke (=sex, climax). The air bubble in the water (=sex, climax). How he crumple up the paper glass of water (=excitement, repression of the excitement, frustration). The marvellous synchronised choreography (what needs better synchronization than sex?)

We may ask: Did they do or the scene is just performing the sexual attraction between them?

In doesn’t matter in the plot: Irena gets jealous and tries to kill Alice in her panther form.

My opinion? If a girl spends one whole second in this position, taking a glass of water so near her beloved colleague, I wonder what could they done in an uncensored era.


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