«We Don’t Eat People»: How the Post-apocalyptic Cinema of the 21st Century Teach Us the New Ethics of the Cannibalistic System

The disaster movie genre is closely related to the times of economic and social crisis. The consolidation of the genre came from the «oil crisis» in the early seventies. These films worked as a catharsis and showed real people how lucky they were because of suffering just an economic crisis and not something worse. The […]

Tarzan & Dr. Moreau VS the Subhumans & the Vodoo Zombies: Colonialist Discourses in Pre-Code Hollywood (1932-1934).

In this paper I analyse the implicit discourse about a colonialism in six Hollywood films of the early thirties. That is, filmed before the hegemonic discourse supported by the censorship of the Production Code Administration was definitively imposed in 1934. The tour begins with Tarzan, guardian of the African colonies, and ends with Dr. Moreau […]

Super-Villains of the “Real World”: The Political Use of the Characterization of Villains in Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Trilogy”

It is almost a tradition for Hollywood villains to have some characteristics that remind us the real political enemies of the United States. From beards, goatees, Russian-style hats, Slavic accents and Kalinka dancers, to peace symbols, punks looks, sun-toasted skins and Arabic moons, we can find a lot of examples of these related-to-reality characteristics throughout […]